WMCK.FM Better Music Tunedex for Feb. 28 to Mar. 5, 2016

Friday March 11, 2016

Songs played most frequently last week on WMCK.FM, McKeesport:

  1. "Mia" - Spencer Radcliffe
  2. "Magnets" - Disclosure feat. Lorde
  3. "Slide Into My Arms" - Rene Lopez
  4. "A Knife in the Ocean" - Foals
  5. "Inside Yourself" - Godsmack
  6. "Made for Pleasure" - The New Mastersounds
  7. "Dead Man Walking" - Coke Weed
  8. "Broken Lines" - Cold Beat
  9. "Korean Food" - Frankie Cosmos
  10. "Through the Autumn Chill" - Haley Slagle
  11. "Lady La De Da" - Jessie Jones
  12. "Elephant Walk" - Lettuce
  13. "Intruder" - Lowly
  14. "Northern Highway" - Martin Courtney
  15. "Otherwordly Pleasures" - Promised Land Sound
  16. "Strong Love" - Randall Bramblett
  17. "Velvet" - Sunwolf
  18. "9 to 5" - The Yawpers
  19. "Black Candy" - Beat Happening
  20. "Why'd You" - Ellie Herring
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