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Our goal is to continue to provide coverage of news and events in McKeesport, Duquesne, North Versailles Twp., White Oak and the surrounding area. We'd even like to grow, but first, we need to get back to full strength.

We don't ask for money very often. If you can help us, we would very much appreciate a donation this year.

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Hear news throughout the day on WMCK Tube City Online Radio

Dianne Ribecca brings you a summary of the week’s headlines twice daily on WMCK Tube City Online Radio:

Tube City Online Radio News:

12 p.m. Monday & Friday
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Thank You for 2020 — Here’s to 2021

In an era where we're being bombarded every day on our telephones by scams and on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram by hoaxes and propaganda, access to information is more important than ever.

This year was a very difficult one for everyone. At Tube City Community Media, we lost one of our best correspondents due to a family emergency, while another had to give up writing for us because of her daytime work obligations. That left us unable to cover some communities with the depth they deserve, and we're sorry about that.

But we've persisted and we are working to recruit several new writers — two of them have already had bylines recently and we're looking forward to more of their good work.

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The 'golden age' of radio is on WMCK.FM!

Six days a week, we're the "new sound of the Mon Valley." But on Sunday nights, we're the "old sound" of original scripted radio drama and comedy!

Jack Benny is back on the air on WMCK Sunday nights at 7. Each week, we dip into an archive of classic Jack Benny episodes, featuring his regular cast of naive tenor Dennis Day, alcoholic bandleader Phil Harris, rotund announcer Don Wilson, the "yes-s-s-s-s-s" man, Frank Nelson, Benny's faithful (but sarcastic) valet, Rochester, and Benny's real-life wife, Mary Livingston.

Listen, and find out why Jack Benny, the pride of Waukegan, Ill., and supposedly the stingiest man alive, was one of America's most popular comedians for 40 years.

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Ever thought about having your own radio show?

Have you ever thought about having your own music or talk show? WMCK Internet Radio accepts proposals from program hosts in the Mon-Yough area. (Hosts are not paid.)

Some restrictions apply: People under age 18 must have supervision from a parent or guardian, and all applicants must be able to pass a background check and be willing to comply with station rules and policies regarding content and profanity. Women and minorities are encouraged to apply.

Shows can be declined for any or no reason, but WMCK does not and will not discriminate on the basis of any classification protected by Allegheny County.

Email for details. WMCK Internet Radio is a service of Tube City Community Media Inc.