Short on Daylight? WMCK will keep things bright!

December 21 offers us the shortest day of the year. But let WMCK offer you some brightness tonight.  The Rick Smith Show is on from 3PM to 5PM.  We'll get to listen to stories from our local neighbors on SLB's "Crossing Fences" at 5PM.  "Juneberry Road" will fill us with acoustic goodness at 7PM and there will be bright conversation and music with "Rugged Angel at  9PM.

I've got Tuesday on my mind...

Don't forget to listen Tuesday mornings for a new episode of "Goffus Golden Oldies" from 6AM - 8AM. Followed by a repeat of last week's Electric Crush.  We've got Tube City Community Media's "Two Rivers, 30 Minutes" featuring talk about our region. Tuesday nights at 7PM are for getting crushed with WMCK's "Electric Crush."

Tune In Thursday Night on WMCK!

We start the afternoon with the Rick Smith Show at 3PM! Rick Smith and company provides a unique perspective on issues in Pennsylvania and beyond.  An encore presentation of "Rugged Angel" is on at 5PM. Ms. Adams spins tunes and engages in great conversation. Doug Goffus begins his "Golden Oldies" at 7PM. We can also enjoy some alt-country with Chris Stillwell's "Outside of Nashville."  The whole evening rounds out with an encore presentation of "Juneberry Road" with Bob Janis.

Another Great Tuesday on WMCK.FM

Another great installment of Goffus' Golden Oldies just ended!  You can catch encore presentations of this week's show Thursday night and Saturday afternoon!

Today at 3PM it's PA News and Politics with the Rick Smith Show.  Tonight 7PM to 9PM we get crushed with WMCK's own "Electric Crush."  WMCK recomends Eric O'Brien's "Smooth, Relaxing and Easy" on Wednesday to de-electrify you for your workday.

Goffus Golden Oldies Christmas Holiday Programs

Santa Claus is here, at least for the annual Goffus Golden Oldies Christmas Holiday Programs featuring all kinds of nifty tunes from the 50’s and 60’s with some bonus tracks and a splash of songs from our local Pittsburgh area artists.  From now through and including December 31, tune in to hear “the standards” along with some Christmas Holiday tracks that you don’t often hear on the “radio”.  Thank you for listening to Goffus Golden Oldies, a new show every Tuesday morning at 6:00 am, with Encore presentations Thursday evening at 7:00 pm and Saturday afternoon at 3:00 pm.  Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to ALL.