Are you ready to get crushed?

Tuesday nights are for WMCK's "Electric Crush."  There is no better way to start preparing the Thanksgiving meal than listening to some good Rock n' Roll!  The Electric Crush airs tonight from 7PM to 9PM on WMCK.FM.  You can listen in your web browser at or you can listen via apps such as Tune In and Strema!

Big Weekend for Tube City and WMCK

Things are "Smooth, Relaxing, and Easy" thanks to Eric O'Brien this afternoon and that's good because WMCK and Tube City Online are going to be super busy this weekend.

The big news is that Downtown McKeesport's 52nd Annual Salute to Santa Parade will be video broadcast by volunteers from Tube City Online (the parent organization of this radio station). The parade will kick off at 11:00AM so have friends and family that are unable to attend visit here for all the action!

All the WMCK.FM Saturday fun will continue with The Saturday Light Brigade, Radio 9, Goffus Golden Oldies, and Big Al's Diner.

Get the Fog Out

New rock and classic soul will get the fog out of the Mon-Yough area.  But the fun really kicks off at 3PM on WMCK!  We've got the "Rick Smith Show" for talk about Pennsylvania news and politics followed by a replays of "Goffus Golden Oldies" and "Rugged Angel" those are followed by some Alt-Country jams with "Outside of Nashville" and a replay edition of "Juneberry Road's" acoustic greatness.

Wednesday on WMCK!

I hope everyone enjoyed that replay of "Smooth, Relaxing and Easy" with Eric O'Brien.  I needed that after last night's exciting episode of "The Electric Crush!"  Now I'm clear-headed for my workday. For the rest of today we have "The Rick Smith Show," "Crossing Fences," "Juneberry Road," and "Rugged Angel."  Tune in and enjoy!  News, politics, talk, rock and soul!  Only on WMCK.FM!

Monday, Monday at WMCK

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