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The songs of Bruce Springsteen might seem like an odd choice for the Swedish recording artist, Moa Holmsten. After fronting the heavy metal band, Meldrum, and then releasing two dynamic and avant-garde albums of her own songs (Do You Want Me, Death? and All Blade, No Handle)... Moa Holmsten and Tony Naima went into the studio in 2013 and emerged with a startlingly creative reworking of the Springsteen classic, "Badlands." They had such a good time creating this cover song, they decided to try another... and another... and another. In the end, they had completed fourteen tunes spanning across Springsteen's entire career... from the obscure to some of his most well known... but always in a completely fresh and original way.

Holmsten and Naima are not the typical die-hard fans of Bruce Springsteen one would expect after hearing their carefully crafted and respectful interpretations of his songs. As Moa says, "We have always respected Springsteen... but I believe the fact that we are not intense and longtime followers of his work has been essential from the beginning. We could discover new songs and re-discover older ones, and work on them with a unique perspective. We could be brave and courageous, while not letting old emotions or presumed expectations stand in our way." The resulting musical creations ended up all over the stylistic map (from the current pop sound of "Dancing In The Dark" and "Tougher Than The Rest" to the rustic and organic "Highway 29" and "Sad Eyes" to the haunting and spare "Streets Of Fire" and "You're Missing"), and each evolved into a life of its own.

Holmsten offers further insight into the project by saying, "I have compared this whole recording experience to falling in love with someone. Getting to know someone for the first time. The first fumbling steps. A person with a history and a past. The last thing you want is to be told from other people what kind of person he or she is. You want to find out for yourself. To see the side of this person that nobody else has seen. This is why I have consistently refused to read articles, books and interviews with Springsteen. I wanted to find out for myself. My own version of an American icon. Not the typical portrayal of him. And that, in a way, can't be questioned. This is how his songs spoke to me. Our relationship slowly progressed, and I have now totally fallen in love with him. I hope that it's mutual..."

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WMCK.FM Better Music Tunedex for Sept. 27-Oct. 2

WMCK.FM Better Music Tunedex for the week of Sept. 27, 2015:

  1. Nearly Forgot My Broken Heart - Chris Cornell
  2. Sirens - Ms. John Soda
  3. Outside - Foo Fighters
  4. Cracks - Cold Beat
  5. Gimme All Your Love - Alabama Shakes
  6. You Want A Battle? (Here's A War) - Bullet For My Valentine
  7. On Cowardice - Woolen Men
  8. Hydrate - Kenny Beltrey
  9. She Takes Me There - Promised Land Sound
  10. The Way You'd Love Her - Mac DeMarco
  11. Absolution Calling - Incubus   
  12. Doin' What You Were Doin' - Vintage Trouble   
  13. Heat - Homeshake
  14. Snackin' After Midnight - The King Khan & BBQ Show
  15. There Are Too Many Of Us -  Blur
  16. Irresistible - Fall Out Boy
  17. Let It Be Just For Fun - Korey Dane
  18. Vicious Love - New Found Glory f./Hayley Williams
  19. Feel You - Julia Holter
  20. Cataract - Dirty Ghosts

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WMCK.FM Better Music Tunedex: Sept. 20-26, 2015

WMCK.FM McKeesport Better Music Tunedex for the week of Sept. 20, 2015:

  1. I Feel Love (Every Million Miles) - The Dead Weather
  2. Gold In The Summertime - Matt Nathanson   
  3. R.I.P. 2 My Youth - The Neighbourhood
  4. Candy - White Reaper
  5. Reelin - Iration       
  6. Black Hole, Weirdo Shrine - La Luz
  7. Cold Cold Man (Radio Edit) - Saint Motel
  8. Gimme All Your Love - Alabama Shakes
  9. Give Me A Sign - The Vaccines
  10. Feeling Electric - Parade Of Lights
  11. Uh-Oh - Kat Robichard and the Darling Misfits
  12. Both My Knees - Low Cut Connie
  13. Boys in the Street - Greg Holden
  14. Bros - Wolf Alice
  15. Roots - Imagine Dragons
  16. The Ground Walks, With Time In A Box - Modest Mouse
  17. I Will Go - Jim Adkins     
  18. Give Me A Try - The Wombats   
  19. Do You Remember - Jarryd James
  20. Blame It On Me - George Ezra